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Brake Failure

Truck Brake Failure: The Unseen Danger on the Road

Commercial trucks, with their massive size and weight, are a marvel of engineering. Yet, their safe operation hinges on one crucial component: the braking system. A fully loaded truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and bringing such a behemoth to a stop requires a braking system that's in top-notch condition. At Hoy Law, based in Sioux Falls, we've seen the devastating aftermath of accidents caused by truck brake failures.

Understanding the Critical Role of Truck Brakes

Brakes are the unsung heroes of road safety. For commercial trucks, which often travel at high speeds and carry heavy loads, the importance of a reliable braking system cannot be overstated. A malfunctioning brake can spell disaster, not just for the truck driver but for everyone on the road.

Common Causes of Brake Failures in Commercial Trucks

Several factors can compromise the efficiency of a truck's braking system. Some of the most common issues our attorneys encounter in truck accident cases include:

  • Worn or Contaminated Brake Pads: Brake pads that are worn out or contaminated can drastically reduce stopping power, making it difficult for the truck to come to a halt in emergencies.
  • Fluid Leaks: Leaking air or hydraulic fluid lines can deactivate crucial parts of the braking system, leading to partial or complete brake failure.
  • Sticking Brakes: Brakes that are non-responsive or stick can prevent the truck from making full stops, increasing the risk of collisions.
  • Glazed Brake Rotors: Neglected servicing can lead to glazed brake rotors, which can reduce the brake's efficiency.
  • Premature Wear: Overloading the truck or issues with brake adjustments can lead to premature wear and tear of the braking system.

Our Approach to Investigating Brake-Related Truck Accidents

When a truck accident occurs and brake failure is suspected, our team at Hoy Law adopts a comprehensive approach:

  • Conducting a thorough inspection of the accident scene and the involved truck to identify any brake-related issues.
  • Reviewing maintenance and inspection records of the trucking company to ascertain if regular checks and repairs were conducted.
  • Collaborating with brake experts to determine if manufacturing defects or negligence in servicing played a role.
  • Holding the trucking company or brake manufacturer accountable for their oversight or lapses.

Advocating for Safer Roads

Every motorist deserves the assurance of safety when on the road. Trucking companies have a responsibility to ensure their vehicles are equipped with reliable brakes. At Hoy Law, we are committed to holding negligent entities accountable and advocating for stricter adherence to safety regulations and standards.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident where brake failure is suspected, call us or reach out to us via email for a free consultation. Our dedicated Sioux Falls Trucking Crash Attorneys will guide you through the legal process, ensuring you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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