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The Injuries Facing Truck Accident Victims

When you’re in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you’re at a significant disadvantage. A commercial truck’s size, weight and strength are hazardous to you. However, the legal team fighting against your claim makes the aftermath far more complicated than it needs to be.

Our team is there when people face the most challenging fights of their lives, trying to get the necessary compensation for truck accidents. At Hoy Law, we have been fighting for people in Sioux Falls and the rest of South Dakota since the 1950s. As personal injury attorneys, we understand the claims process to help you move forward.

What Are The Most Common Injuries After A Truck Crash?

Because of the size, strength and power of a commercial truck, you can see any injury at virtually any level of severity from an accident with one. These injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Injuries to the head can range from mild to severe and lead to long-lasting complications and intellectual disability. Some people never fully recover from brain injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Injuries to the neck and spine can paralyze a person indefinitely. While rehab and clinical technology can make some return to function possible, it is not uncommon to need a lifetime of care.
  • Amputation or crushing injuries: The sheer force of an accident is more than enough to amputate a limb. Additionally, these injuries result in lifetime disabilities and may force a person into a new career.
  • Burns: Depending on the truck’s cargo, you may find yourself exposed to chemicals that burn or receive burns in other ways. Burns are extremely painful and can be hard to treat.

Often, a trucking accident will lead to the death of a loved one. Hospital bills sustained for the injuries prior to death may be expensive, however, which would require significant compensation that trucking companies would fight at every step.

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