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A major part of the motor vehicle accident system is the assumption that all people have insurance. However, not every driver on the road has insurance, which leaves you vulnerable if you get into an accident.
We understand the struggles of trying to move forward after an accident when you’re not sure what’s next. The attorneys of Hoy Law work with people across South Dakota when they are having difficulties recovering compensation after accidents with uninsured motorists. You have options.

What You Need To Know About South Dakota’s Insurance Law

South Dakota requires all drivers to carry insurance. That doesn’t mean everyone has insurance, but it does require certain levels of coverage. One of those coverages is to take care of uninsured and underinsured accidents.
There are limits to this coverage. Most of those limits will be a part of what your insurance plan settles. Additionally, this coverage only extends to injuries to you and your passengers, not damage to your vehicle.
Underinsured motorist coverage is like uninsured motorist coverage. An underinsured motorist carries coverage that does not adequately cover the injuries of an accident. However, the maximum coverage you can receive is limited by the maximum of your uninsured policy; it does not stack on the underinsured motorist’s policy.

What To Do After A Car Accident With Someone Who Has No Insurance?

In an accident with an uninsured motorist, you will have to pursue a claim with your own insurance company. While you may feel like this puts you on “the same side” as your company, that simply isn’t the case. They will take any opportunity to minimize the compensation they give you.
Our team will work with you to get you what you deserve.

A Team On Your Side

We will work with you to get you the coverage you deserve for your accident. While you may find limits based on your policy, you may deserve more than you’re being offered. Contact our Sioux Falls office by calling 605-231-8567. You may also reach out to us through this online form.
We provide free consultations and will not take a fee without winning.

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