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Helping You Navigate Complex Truck Accident Claims

A fully loaded semi truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. In an accident between one of these trucks and a passenger vehicle, there is extremely strong potential for life-changing or even fatal injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord injuries and broken bones are just the beginning of the types of injuries victims can suffer in these accidents.

Sometimes referred to as 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers, the drivers of these vehicles have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a way that ensures the safety of everyone sharing the road with them. Any shortcomings in the fulfillment of that responsibility places innocent people at serious risk.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck wreck, you should seek the advice of a qualified Sioux Falls truck accident attorney immediately.

A Strong Advocate For Truck Accident Victims

At Hoy Law, we represent injury victims throughout South Dakota, including clients living in Aberdeen, Huron and Mitchell, in 18-wheeler accident claims.

These cases require thorough investigation and careful preparation in order to succeed. We have the experience and the resources necessary to obtain justice for you and your family, and we are committed to properly handling your case. We are the Sioux Falls injury firm known for getting results.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any truck accident is understanding who should be held accountable for your injuries. There can be many different parties that may share in the liability, including the driver, trucking company, manufacturer, parts supplier and others. We work hard to determine the precise cause of the accident and diligently pursue the responsible parties.

What Are The Common Factors That Cause Or Contribute To Semi Accidents?

There are many to be aware of. A partial list includes:

  • Truck driver error, distraction or negligence
  • Truck driver fatigue (often linked to a grueling driving schedule and tight delivery deadlines)
  • Failure to regularly inspect and promptly repair truck mechanical problems (especially worn-out brakes and balding tires)
  • Trucking company decisions to keep unsafe vehicles in service to save money
  • Cargo loads that are too heavy, improperly secured or unbalanced
  • Failure to respond to inclement weather or poor road conditions
  • Poor driving conditions (ice/black ice, snow-packed roads, high winds, etc.)

Whatever the reason for your accident, our skilled attorneys are ready to thoroughly investigate and help you hold the at-fault parties accountable.

What Types Of Compensation May Be Available After A Truck Accident?

Depending on the details of the case, we can help you seek compensation for:

  • Hospital bills (present and future)
  • Lost wages (from time spent unable to work)
  • Vehicle/property damage
  • Permanent disability
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more

If the accident was fatal to one or more vehicle occupants, we can help you seek additional damages in a wrongful death claim.

Truck accidents are far more likely than other auto accidents to result in catastrophic injury and death. Therefore, settlements and jury awards tend to be significantly higher.

How Is Responsibility Determined After A South Dakota Truck Accident?

The accident will be investigated to determine its cause or causes.

If the truck driver or trucking company is found to be entirely at fault, there are no barriers to seeking compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. If you share some fault, however, things become more complex.

South Dakota has a unique negligence law that prohibits the more innocent of two parties from seeking compensation unless their level of negligence was “slight.” Because this isn’t clearly defined, however, it’s important to work with a skilled attorney who will advocate aggressively for your interests.

How Soon Should You Contact An Attorney After A Truck Accident?

It is important to seek legal help quickly after any auto accident. With truck accidents, however, it is critical. Insurance companies will send investigators to the scene within hours after the crash. Their goal will be to take control of the evidence and build a narrative that absolves the trucking company and the insurance company of blame/liability. You need someone tough and experienced on your side as soon as possible.

Can You Work With Any Personal Injury Attorney?

Legally speaking, you can work with any attorney. But you should seek help from an attorney who is highly experienced in and knowledgeable about truck accident litigation. These cases are incredibly complex, and the defendants are well-funded insurers and trucking companies.

You need a lawyer who has a detailed knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations and who won’t hesitate to fight back against insurance company tactics.

What Are My Options If A Loved One Was Killed In An Accident Involving A Semi Truck?

Our compassionate attorneys can help you seek maximum compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company. In addition to the damages mentioned above, a wrongful death action can also help you seek compensation for things like funeral/burial expenses, estimated lifetime earnings of the victim (if they were a family income earner), and loss of love and companionship.

We understand how difficult these cases are for plaintiffs, and we are honored to help you fight for justice and compensation. When you work with compassionate team at Hoy Law, you will feel like you are part of our family.

Speak With A Sioux Falls Attorney About Your Truck Wreck Injuries

The trucking company will be on the phone with its corporate attorneys hours after the crash, preparing its defense to limit your recovery. You can rely on us to provide the strong representation you need for your truck accident claim.

We invite you to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney. You can reach us by phone at 605-937-8371 or via email for an appointment.