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The most common reasons for car accidents in South Dakota

Safety tips to help avoid motorcycle accidents
On Behalf of Hoy Law
January 11, 2023

If you live in South Dakota, you are probably used to driving on rural roads with few other drivers to worry about. However, while South Dakota is relatively safe when it comes to driving safety, you should still be aware of the dangers of driving here. The South Dakota Department of Safety reported that between 2019 and 2020, there was a 38.2% increase in car crash fatalities.

Here is a look at some of the most common reasons for car accidents in South Dakota.

Failing to yield

When other drivers fail to yield, they do not give you the right of way as they should. This can result in a serious car crash if you are not prepared to react. Be on the lookout when a driver is turning into your lane or trying to merge in front of you on a highway.


Most drivers have had another driver follow too closely at one time or another. Tailgating often comes from impatience, but there are also cases where the driver is simply not paying attention. Either way, the person is increasing the risk of rear-ending you.

Driving too fast

Many drivers think that as long as they stay within the speed limit, they are not driving too fast. This happens even in South Dakota, where the speed limit on Interstate highways is 80 mph.

However, when road conditions are bad or unpredictable, a motorist might not have enough time to react to what is in front of them. This negligence makes accidents more likely, especially when driving fast.

No matter how well you follow the rules, there is always the chance that another driver will put you in danger. This is why you must know what to look out for, practice defensive driving, and pay attention behind the wheel.

Safety tips to help avoid motorcycle accidents
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